Pet Care Business Valuations & Veterinary Practice Valuation Multiples

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What is it Worth?

Business value is about much more than some arbitrary multiplier of annual revenue. Determining the fair market value of a business is a sophisticated process that requires industry expertise, valuation training and access to relevant comps (comparable sales). We offer a business valuation for anyone who wants an honest and accurate valuation of a business (including goodwill), whether you’re considering selling, buying or benchmarking.

Our valuation product is suitable for establishing market value for selling purposes; we do not provide valuation services for estate planning, divorce, partner buyouts, etc.

A business valuation and veterinary practice valuation multiples are suitable for:

  • Owners of any pet care or veterinary business to learn the value of their business
  • Buyers considering purchasing a business and seeking a 'PriceCheck'
  • Business owners wanting to increase their business value in preparation for a sale

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Business Valuation

  • Establishes Most Probable Selling Price of a business
  • Financial compilation of tax returns and income statements
  • Explanation of how value was arrived at
  • Current, relevant, comparable sales are used (comps)
  • Easy-to-read digital report written for the pet care industry
  • 10 business day turn around
  • $1999

Price Check

This product is geared toward buyers seeking expert industry analysis of the entire transaction (including real estate if part of the deal) and/or those looking for a 'PriceCheck' on a target business they are considering buying.

  • Comprehensive calculation of the value of the business
  • Analysis of business KPIs against industry stats
  • Debt service analysis
  • Cash flow analysis (with debt service)
  • Financing analysis
  • Current, relevant, comparable sales assessments
  • Digital report delivery
  • Easy-to-read report specifically written for the pet care industry
  • 10 business day turn around
  • 30 minute consultation with Teija Heikkilä
  • $2699
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