Success Stories

The Hipster Hound Nick and Tonya Rintye

Nick and Tonya Rintye

The Hipster Hound

A farmers market in Savannah, GA, seeded the dream for Tonya and Nick Rintye to build their successful pet resort, 'The Hipster Hound'.

Dan Gardner & Cheri Griffiths

Dan Gardner & Cheri Griffiths

Playtime Pet Resort

The high-end Philly-themed boarding facility Playtime Pet Resort is the brainchild of Dan Gardner and Cheri Griffiths, serving more than 6,500 customers since 2018.

Carroll Ray - Success Story

Carroll Ray

Meadowlake Pet Resort

Carroll Ray is known in the industry for building state-of-the-art pet resort facilities that offer first-class experiences. They offer an impressive range of services including boarding, grooming, and training across 4 buildings and 100+ staff.

Todd and Mandy Rowley

Todd & Mandy Rowley

Williamsburg Pet Hotel

Williamsburg Pet Hotel & Suites has been a successful family business since 1962. Three generations of Rowleys have proudly served pet owners of St. Louis for over sixty years with a stunning, high-end luxury pet resort.

Derek Reynolds and family

Derek Reynolds

Reynold's Pet Resort

What began as a way to teach their kids hard work and responsibility has grown into a successful family enterprise for Derek Reynolds and his family.

Debbie Douglas

Debbie Douglas

Zionsville Country Kennels

Debbie Douglas has double vision when it comes to her perspective on buying and selling a pet resort business. That’s because she’s done both with the help of PET|VET in the span of about 11 years.

Jermaine Anderson family

Jermaine Anderson

Loyal Canines

Many of life’s lessons haven’t come the easy way for Jermaine Anderson. The earliest lesson was probably the toughest, when he lost his mom to breast cancer.

Elissa Ferguson

Elissa Ferguson

Rockstar Pets

While most dog boarding and daycare facility owners are always trying to fit more dogs in to their establishments, Elissa Ferguson of Rockstar Pets, built her success on doing just the opposite.

Glenda Parisher Rosehill Pet Resort

Glenda Parisher

Rosehill Pet Resort

When Glenda Parisher started building an ambitious luxury pet resort on a back road in Cypress, TX, she was warned by the locals that it was never going to take off. But Glenda’s research told a different story.

Ziggy's success story

Kristin Villa

Ziggy’s Dog Parlor and Ziggy’s Villa

Dachshunds are known for being curious and friendly, but even among his peers, Ziggy is a super star. “He is the most mild, laid back dachshund I’ve ever met, and he’s got such a relaxing aura about him,” said Kristin Villa.


Jill & Donald Nobles

Jill's Pet Resort

Marrying at 17, Jill Nobles took up dog grooming to help put her husband, Donald, through college in Atlanta, GA. Moving back to North Carolina after his graduation, Jill got her certifications and started a grooming business in her garage.


John Gagnon

Gagnon's Pet Resort

John’s foray into the world of pet resorts had small beginnings. Having loved dogs from a young age, he was bothered that in his home state of Connecticut, tens of thousands of healthy dogs were euthanized each year and he wanted to do something to stop it.


Kelly Everson

Cedar Dale Pet Resort

“I’ve always loved animals and wanted to be around them a lot more than I wanted to be around people. But with a biology degree and moving to Boston, getting a job working with animals didn’t work out so I took a job at a fertility clinic.”


Lauren Rick

Bone A Fide Dog Ranch

Wondering what business she could start in New York City with virtually no money, Lauren Rick decided on dog walking. Little did she know that 16 years later, she would sell her own pet resort for over $1M. But all along, her focus has not been on the money, just on making dogs lives better.


Mark McLean

The Island Pawplex

Starting a small business on the eve of a global pandemic wasn’t part of the plan. Needing to sell it less than three years later wasn’t, either. But that’s exactly what happened when Mark and Melody McLean opened The Island Pawplex in Charleston, South Carolina.


Paul Berkovitz

Bow Wow Bungalow

Leaving a family business to launch into the world of pet resorts was one of the best decisions Paul Berkovitz ever made. Visiting his daughter in Florida, the California native couldn’t help noticing how many apartment dwellers had dogs living in their apartments.


Ray Bauman

Karnik Pet Lodge

Navigating construction projects and businesses through oil crashes in the ‘70s, interest rates of 20% in the ‘80s, the Great Recession of 2008, and Covid-19, has been all part of life’s learning curve for pet resort industry leader Ray Bauman.


Richard & Mary Colven

Camp Wagging Tails

High valuations and multiple buyers are market dynamics that former corporate executive Richard Colven recognizes. Last year, he decided to act upon them.


Robin Schoh

Ashcroft Pet Resort

Beginning with the end in mind helped to set up businesswoman and entrepreneur, Robin Schoh for pet resort success - twice!


Sabrina & LLoyd Reid

Camp Run-a-Mutt

When Sabrina and Lloyd Reid decided to get out of the pet resort business, they discovered that selling a franchise is just as complicated as buying one.

Dog with toy

Chris C

Paws Plaza

For much of his life, Chris C. never liked dog boarding facilities. He definitely never thought he would own one.  But the things he disliked set him up to create a very successful pet resort which he sold to a consolidator in 2022.


Renee & Jeff Braddon

Finger Lakes Pet Resort

An unplanned foray in the world of pet resorts has been a wonderful success for former New York couple Renee and Jeff Braddon. Jeff had been working in his family’s packaging business, and Renee worked in the financial industry.

Jana & Dave Rossorelli

Jana & Dave Rossorelli

Action Pack Dog Center

Education has always been a way of life for Jana Rossorelli. She worked as a seventh-grade teacher for about ten years, enjoying every chance to interact with the kids and witness those light bulb moments of understanding.


Al & Valorie Bowman

Cinder Hills Kennels

What does working at a nuclear power plant have in common with running a successful pet resort? The surprising answer is, “Quite a lot,” according to someone who has done both.

Brooke and Richard

Brooke & Richard

Brooke's Bed & Biscuit

Despite serious illness interrupting an idyllic working relationship, Richard Boeke, and daughter Brooke, have had the last laugh and a doubly great outcome in their family business.

Randy Boyer

Randy Boyer

Country Lane Pet Resort

Working an unfulfilling corporate job by day and running a Husky rescue by night, Randy Boyer decided it was time to switch things around and make working with dogs his day job. But not only his day job – he would make it his business.

Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson

10,000 Wags

Great timing and a great team helped dog-loving data analyst Nathan Thompson achieve a great outcome in pet resort ownership. Nathan and his wife Lauren became owners of their first pet resort in New Mexico in early 2022.