Buying a Veterinary Practice or Pet Care Business

Pet Care Business Acquisitions or Buying a Veterinary Practice

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We have many active listings in various price ranges, with or without real estate. Our start-to-end process ensures a buyer a hassle free, professional, speedy transaction.

Interested in a business not listed by us? We provide buy-side services where we represent the buyer in a pet resort, dog daycare, veterinary hospital, retail store and grooming salon acquisition. We can target companies you are interested in acquiring, provide insightful market information and analysis, negotiate offers, check whether the asking price is reflective of market, secure lending and overall, provide professional assistance in completing a business acquisition or buying a veterinary practice.

In-House Business Purchase

We represent high-quality businesses in the pet care space and hope you will find a suitable option from one of our listings. When a buyer enters into a transaction for one of our in-house listings, we provide full services to ensure a smooth, successful closing.

There is no cost to a Buyer for these services.

  • Provide a comprehensive presentation package on interesting businesses
  • Deliver detailed, easy-to-understand business financials
  • Perform a detailed financial analysis to determine whether a particular business fits your economic needs
  • Negotiate purchase contracts
  • Secure a lender; we are experts at SBA financing with strong relationships with the largest SBA lenders in the US
  • Facilitate the due diligence process and resolve issues
  • Assist with accounts, licenses, insurance, etc.
  • Bring the transaction to a successful close

What Can You Expect from PET|VET?

We bring tremendous value to the buying process due to our relationships with lenders and unparalleled ability to obtain financing. We also assist you in getting everything set up prior to closing; licenses, payroll, transfer accounts, state accounts, etc. Every transaction is assigned a Transaction Manager who works with you to keep the transaction on track and provides any assistance you might need; all of our services are at zero cost to you.

You can expect transparency, fair and honest dealing and a tremendous amount of industry knowledge from our entire team.

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Buyer Representation

We represent buyers with acquisition searches, market research, and deal structuring. We often get involved when the buyer has identified a 'target' business and possibly even started conversations with the representative or business owner. Buyers typically have very limited experience in determining Fair Market Value of a business, risk factors of the target company, deal negotiations and securing financing and transaction management. It is best to seek Buy-Side Representation to improve the overall business purchase outcome. We offer comprehensive buyer representation or à la carte services depending on the situation.

Buy-Side Representation Includes

  • KPI analysis of the company against industry stats
  • Risk assessment & issue identification of the target company
  • Consulting and transaction guidance
  • Dealing with either the seller or seller's rep directly
  • Drafting the Letter of Intent (LOI)/Offer
  • Handling all negotiations with the sell-side
  • Assisting with the due diligence process
  • Assisting with lease negotiations (if leased space)
  • Draft and negotiate contractual documents
  • Deal structuring and price allocation negotiations
  • Evaluate and secure financing
  • Assisting with all pre-closing requirements (licenses, accounts, insurance, software, staff paperwork, etc.)
  • Coordinating closing processes
  • Transition support

Buy-Side Fees

Our fees depend on whether the target company is represented by a cooperating broker and may include an upfront retainer. We offer several options depending on whether the Buyer prefers end-to-end full representation or à la carte services. All fees are agreed upon ahead of time to avoid any surprises. To discuss our 'buy-side' services and associated costs, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Principal Broker, Teija Heikkilä.

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Buyer Services

Buying a Pet Resort


Owning a pet care facility is highly rewarding -- both personally and financially! The industry is growing dramatically and has proven to be resilient to economic fluctuations. There are many types of facilities available and our experienced team is ready to assist you in making your dreams come true!

Buying a Veterinary Hospital


Owning your own practice is a great wealth building tool as your future income is not only reliant on your personal ability to generate income. Our services include learning what your current and future goals are and targeting possible clinics or hospitals in your geographic area for a possible acquisition.

Buying a Retail Shop


The retail sector of the pet care industry continues to show growth and we assist in the purchase of retail businesses.

Buying a Grooming Shop


The grooming sector of the pet care industry is showing tremendous growth and 'grooming is booming'! We can assist with acquiring a grooming salon to compliment your pet resort or as a standalone, owner operated business.

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