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Our roots run deep in the pet resort for sale, kennel and dog daycare space. PET|VET's CEO, Teija Heikkilä, has been in the industry for over 30 years and has experienced first-hand the tremendous growth and expansion in pet care driven by how a pet's role in families has changed. Additionally, the consumer's expectation of care has increased, causing all pet-related businesses to evolve and mature. A pet care facility today is quite different from the 70's!

PET|VET started out as National Kennel Sales & Appraisals in 2008. Initially, we were strictly focused on the sale of pet care facilities & kennels; we have since expanded into both sell and buy side engagements, lending referrals and consultations to pet resorts & kennels, dog daycares, veterinary practices, retail and grooming shops.

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Sell a Business

190+ transactions
$425 million in volume
96% success rate
20% higher price
Tough stats to beat!

Selling any business is a 'once in a lifetime' event with major financial implications. We are the only firm in the US specializing in the pet care industry and nothing beats our track record, stats or experience. We know how to best position your business for a lucrative sale, have access to both private and corporate buyer markets, understand the importance of confidentiality and have over a 96% success rate.

Buy a Business

Ready to enter or expand in the growing, resilient pet care industry? We have listings in many states at different price ranges and also provide Buyer representation services if you're looking to buy a business not listed by us.

Need financing? We have relationships with lenders specializing in the pet care industry.

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Financial Advice

We have comprehensive advisory services for every stage of your business whether it be the Start, Growth or Exit stage:

  • Business Value Enhancement
  • Business Profitability Analysis
  • Financing/Lending Assistance

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Selling your pet care business may be one of the most important financial decisions you ever make. Proper representation makes the sales process easier for you and ensures that you get the highest and most attainable price for your business and property.

We are the leading brokerage and M&A firm for the pet care industry having sold over 190 pet care businesses totaling over $425 MILLION in sales volume with a 96% closing rate for 20% higher price.

PET|VET is comprised of industry experts with decades of experience who excel at transitioning businesses to new owners through a structured sales process that minimizes stress, allows you to stay focused on day-to-day operations and minimizes hassle.

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We interviewed a local broker but the moment we met Teija at Pet Vet, we knew she was it. Her knowledge of the pet industry, how these transactions work and what we should be looking for as sellers, were obvious from the start.

- Richard Colven, Camp Wagging Tails

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Getting solicitation calls from corporate / consolidator buyers? We have strong relationships with all national corporate buyers and our listing process ensures that your business gets optimal exposure to all buyer groups and receives offers that recognize the full value of your business. We confidentially present your business to all of the various consolidator companies that are active in acquiring private pet care facilities; our structured process is the only way to 100% ensure you get maximum price. We are the antidote to dealing with a corporate buyer by yourself that is never in the seller's best interest - only in the corporate buyer's.

Prefer to sell to an individual vs. a corporate company? Our access to the private buyer market is unparalleled. We maintain a proprietary buyer database of financially qualified prospects actively seeking opportunities to invest in the pet care space.  These are not tire kickers!

We maintain confidentiality throughout the process.

Not ready to sell or not sure if the timing is right?  We offer value enhancement programs that detail exactly where and how to focus your business model to increase its value for a lucrative exit in the future.

Our industry expertise is not only a game changer, it's invaluable!