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Does your business have over $1MM in revenue? Businesses with over $1MM in revenues (single or multiple locations) are sought after by the M&A market where the potential sales price often exceeds private buyer market pricing. The M&A market consists of corporate consolidator companies who purchase individually owned businesses. Selling to these financially savvy groups requires a distinct set of skills so you don’t leave money on the table. Aside from revenue, M&A market buyers have other business model expectations.

Our firm excels in selling individually owned pet care businesses to consolidator companies. We're large enough and experienced enough to deal with the corporate buyer team and small enough to intrinsically understand the owner of a small business. We are fierce advocates for our clients and ensure that you will not be taken advantage of by the very sophisticated buyer groups. Due to our ability to obtain the absolute highest price the market will bear, you are guaranteed never to leave money on the table.

Please schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific situation and analysis of whether your business is ready for the consolidator market.

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We have years of experience in dealing with consolidator companies active in both the pet resort and veterinary pet care spaces. And, we have strong relationships with the existing and continuously emerging companies.

The pet space is seeing a tremendous amount of consolidation and most owners receive calls and solicitations from sales representatives of these companies. The biggest mistake you can ever make as a business owner is to deal with these companies directly. This includes providing any financial information for a 'free' valuation; you immediately lose all leverage and ability to obtain highest price.

We have made multi-millionaires of many of our clients by conducting a proper selling process in the M&A Market. How the business is presented in a competitive bid environment is the key to maximizing value. Dealing with a sales representative from a consolidator company alone will undoubtedly cause you to leave money on the table. Instead of blindly sending financials, contact us to ensure you are properly represented to get maximum value and the best deal terms.

Counting money

They soon had several buyers in discussions, including a consolidation group who indicated the only reason they showed interest was because of Teija’s endorsement. “There was a lot of trust between [them], which I think helped the process,”

- Mark McLean, Island Pawplex

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You Can Expect from Us:

  • Complete confidentiality throughout the process
  • Detailed financial analysis to determine if your business qualifies for an M&A transaction
  • Transaction structuring to maximize your proceeds and minimize tax consequences. If real estate is involved, we will explore several options with you to determine the best outcome based on your needs
  • Prepare a financial package on the business to demonstrate its cash flow generating ability now and into the future with appropriate adjustments to account for all the benefits the business provides
  • Prepare a confidential marketing package showcasing your facility
  • Confidentially present your facility to several Corporate Buyers
  • Solicit multiple offers to maximize value
  • Negotiate all offers to the absolute best terms attainable
  • Interface with attorneys, CPAs, due diligence and financial analysts, title officers, etc.
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