Finally - A Better Way to Sell!

We have an opportunity for larger pet care businesses to structure a more sophisticated and organized exit strategy that is financially more lucrative than what is currently being offered by the regular consolidators.

Now is the time to act as a new private equity group (PEG) enters the pet care market that can offer significant potential for life changing wealth building by getting in on the ground level of their platform.

Additionally, this strategy provides greater flexibility for the seller to either continue running the business or exit completely, while still having the option to invest in the new company and share in future rewards when the platform is sold at a much higher valuation in 3-5 years.


  • Higher valuation due to being part of an initial platform
  • Opportunity for equity rollover – key component of life changing wealth building
  • Opportunity for a seller to stay on as an advisor, board member, consultant, etc.
  • Decide to either exit the business completely or continue in some capacity – flexibility is the key with this opportunity

Businesses that are suitable for this platform:

  • Revenue min. $2.5MM and/or
    • EBITDA min. $750K
    • Management in place, ie. the owner is not working in the business daily
    • Clear growth opportunities

Owners who are best suited for this opportunity:

  • ‘Legacy’ type, larger businesses or multi-sites
  • Interested in wealth building with a strategy for short and long term financial rewards
  • Want to stay involved in some capacity in the business but not bear the full burden (not a requirement)
  • Want to serve as advisors or consultants for a larger pet care platform (not a requirement)

Timing Matters!

It’s important to act quickly as opportunities like these don’t come up very often. If your business fits the criteria above, you are in what we call 'Group 3'. To learn more about this special opportunity, I strongly urge you contact me for a confidential consultation. Don’t hesitate - text Group 3 to my cellphone and let's talk!


Ready for the next phase of your life?

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Rollover Equity

A Second Bite At the Apple

Equity rollover is a term used when a business owner sells their business to a private equity group (PEG). In this situation, the PEG will buy a majority stake in the business and the previous owner will receive a portion of the sale proceeds in the form of cash.

However, instead of receiving all the cash upfront, the previous owner can choose to keep some of their ownership stake in the business by rolling over a portion of their equity (i.e., the ownership they have in the business) into the new ownership structure with the PEG.

By doing this, the previous owner still has a stake in the business and can potentially benefit from any future growth or success of the business. The PEG benefits because the previous owner has a continued interest in the business, knows what works well, and will likely work hard to ensure its success.

As the company continues to grow through the added investment of the PEG partner, the original business owner who retains a portion of the ownership stake gets a 'second bite at the apple' when the business eventually re-sells at a higher valuation.

Rollovers can be structured in various ways and we will explain the math during the analysis phase of the process outlined below. Rollover NOT a requirement to participate in the new platform.


  1. Initial conversation to discuss seller’s objectives and explain the opportunity
  2. Financial analysis of business to establish EBITDA and identify strengths / weaknesses
  3. Conversation with seller about value expectation ranges and structure options
  4. Decision point whether to join the platform or not
  5. Transaction commences