Sell My Pet Resort Business

Deciding to Sell Your Pet Resort is a Big Deal.

With multiple operational and financial factors to consider plus the emotional rollercoaster of transitioning your business, you need an expert on your side who’s been there before. You deserve proper representation from a trusted partner who can determine the fair market value of your business, recommend the best timing, help generate demand and negotiate on your behalf – all while minimizing your stress and maximizing your sale price.

In more than 30 years of brokering deals in the pet care space, our experienced team has seen it all. The industry has changed during this time, as pets have gained family member status in so many households. And pet care services have evolved to better serve this pet parent mentality by implementing home-like environments and individualized service options for each client.

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We interviewed a local broker but the moment we met Teija at Pet Vet, we knew she was it. Her knowledge of the pet industry, how these transactions work and what we should be looking for as sellers, were obvious from the start.

- Richard Colven, Camp Wagging Tails

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As you have worked tirelessly to build and nurture your business to serve your clients, employees and community well, it’s become increasingly important to leave a lasting legacy of excellence. We understand the value of maintaining your reputation and will use our structured sales process and network of qualified contacts to negotiate the best terms for a successful close.

Deciding to sell your pet resort is a big deal.

Let us help you make it a great deal, too.

Asking yourself "Do I have a sellable business?"

Take advantage of our free confidential consultation:

1. Analysis of business value drivers
2. Path to get to exit requirements

eBook: Selling Your Pet Care Business

Please download our extensive e-book with detailed information on our sales process, how we protect confidentiality, timeframes and steps involved. It will give you a clear understanding of what is required and answers the most FAQs we get from Sellers.

eBook: Selling Your Pet Care Business to a Corporate M&A Buyer

Please download our extensive e-book describing the requirements of a business to qualify for an M&A transaction to a corporate buyer/consolidator and what the steps involved are. This is a ‘must read’ if you’ve been approached by a Corporate Buyer or are considering starting discussions!